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A living Elixir like no other -designed for you. 

At Enlivened, we are serious purists when it comes to delivering on quality and culture.  We made a decision early to not launch a fauxbiotic soda for you and your family, instead we went on a mission to deliver a nourishing locally produced live-cultured organic probiotic beverage at commercial scale?  Of Course, we know the answer is  YES.

Enlivened =conditioned for life, see nutritional panel: our beverages are bottled containing enough residual sugars & ingredients 

to nourish & preserve the precious probiotic passengers until they are opened and enjoyed. Our Enlivened "lifecycle" bottle conditioning insures culture viability & stability, flavor evolution, and overall longevity of quality ...on its way to you. 

Our patent-pending process combines innovative brewing equipment, tried and true process developed of  a decade, and international partnerships have launched a new wellness brewing tradition -rediscovered, modernized, and now conveniently delivered.

​The Way Nature Intended


Enlivened beverages

...Its about a new culture of probiotic & plant benefits...

​​Our EnlivenedTM R.T.D. 12oz beverages  & SupraCulture 5-15 gallon kegged  beverages are delivering live organic probiotics and fermented suprafood herbal elixir's that are as nourishing as they are delicious.

Looking for a Job or Career in Probiotics?

Sonoma Enlivened Inc. is now hiring for key production, sales and management positions ahead of our National launch.

Contact: Thomas Boyd

​​​The Kefiry Club   

In-Store Pick-Up Only!

The Kefiry Club is a nexus for probiotics & knowledge for you and the whole family!


​​Come sample the best!  

Our probiotic fermented beverages and kefirpopsicles
are always handcrafted, fake-free and guilt-free at the Sebastopol Kefiry. 

Our Tasting Bar Experience
allows the you and whole family to sample, discuss
and learn with local experts in live-culture alcohol-free probiotic fermentation and have fun doing it. 

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