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Enlivened -changing where & how people

get their live-cultured probiotics.

... you need "living" probiotics you can trust!

At the Kefiry we say, if it's live-culture fermented with real botanical's and then bottled alive "bottle-conditioned"  its probably a good drinking probiotic!  After 6 years 10's of thousands of probiotic fermentations and many more thousands cultured, we have our finger on the pulse! People everywhere want great tasting living beverages & probiotic popsicles that provide the healthiest live kefir probiotics, great flavor, and all organic ingredients.

The Kefiry Club is open for, tasting, buying, an experiences with family or friends.

​Its all about healthy culture!

Our products are all composed of a multitude of thriving kefir microorganisms, because of this, we treat your beverage like there are Superhero's inside! Organic fermented ingredients, bottled alive and conditioned for optimal flavor, benefits & living probiotics! Therefore, every bottle or keg is still conditioning or (living & growing) inside with enough resources to keep the micro kefir crystals thriving inside the bottle or keg until the moment you drink them. Consumed regularly, natural probiotics like Kefir tirelessly provide their individual and multispecies one-of-a-kind biological services 

-they are legendary for.