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A living Elixir like no other -designed for you. 

The  Enlivened production staff are serious purists when it comes to delivering on quality and culture.  The Founders  made a decision early to not launch a fauxbiotic soda for you and your family, instead we went on a mission to answer the question, can a locally produced live-cultured probiotic beverage maintain integrity at commercial scale?  Of Course, we now know the answer is  YES.

Enlivened =conditioned for life, our beverages are crafted to containing enough residual sugars, prebiotics, and ingredients 

to nourish & preserve the precious probiotic cargo until they are opened and enjoyed. Our Enlivened "lifecycle" bottle conditioning insures culture viability,  stability, flavor evolution, and overall longevity of quality ...on its way to you. 

Our patent-pending process combines innovative brewing equipment, tried and true process developed of  a decade, and international partnerships have launched a new wellness brewing tradition -rediscovered, modernized, and now conveniently delivered.

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