Weekly Kefirador / Kefiradora schedule:

Wednesday         Tom

Thursday             Deana & Jennifer & Tom

Friday                 Tom & Jennifer

Saturday             Tom

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Our tasting bar and retail shop is open 

Wednesday thru Saturday 11am-5pm.



Offering timeless favorites like: Lemon Ginger Ale & Awesome Triple Rootbeer, Asian inspired Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, Latin inspired Hibiscus Maya, Apples & Algae BlueGreen Manna, Sebastopol classic Flower Power, Our rich  decadent O.M.G.  Mexican 

Chocolate, spicy & healthy Turmeric, Joy Elixir Tulsi Rose, Nectar/BUZZ honey kefir and stimulating Guayusa Kola.  

Have You Been Enlivened?  Step up...and try the most: Kefirbiotic, tasty, botanically rich, non-dairy, nourishing, live-culture fermented, beverages & frozen kefirpop's anywhere!

Kefir-Biotic Beverages

 A Probiotic Non-Dairy Botanical Kefir

We say our beverages are Enlivened because they are actually alive containing a multitude of live non-dairy kefir cultures in a tasty matrix of nutrients and aromatic botanicals  -All our beverages are made with 100% organically grown ingredients, live-culture brewed, alcohol-free, dairy-free, gluten free, and naturally low in sugar.

At the Kefiry you're bound to find something that will keep you coming back again and again. 

**Watch this edutainment video we gave to faircompanies - we wanted to show things that are rarely seen and speak our truth...

*Remember, this was for-the-camera.

-it does not accurately reflect our handling procedures and brewing techniques.