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We are on a mission to assist health conscious individuals and family's in enjoying probiotics and providing everyone with Kefir fermented 100% organic probiotic  beverages, popsicles, and shelf stable products to come. 

Probiotic Product Development Company
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Our Culture Speaks Volumes

You and your family deserve the best  probiotics we can provide. At The Kefiry 

we are expanding and enhancing

our bottle and keg services to serve you better.

Yes! Our culture is strong & growing

Look for us where Probiotic beverages are sold in the Bay Area in 2016 & with new partnership we will be sharing our probiotic beverages with other communities around California in 2017.


It's that time of year again!    Farm To Fermentation Festival is here and we are frothing with fermentation in Sonoma County right now!   Join us at our booth, we will be sharing samples of our classic kefir's as well as, our exclusive probiotic popsicles and local-flavor creations to delight you and your family.  We will also be signing people up for our Kefir Club and Kefir Kids Club -we are very excited to be expanding services locally -ask us how?

2016 We will be keeping the tradition going with live-cultured Probiotic Triple Rootbeer and Tulsi Rose Kefir combined with the best non-dairy and dairy ice creams to create a synergy of local goodness!​  

Live- Cultured Probiotic beverages

At The Kefiry, we create & produce the best tasting, unique Enlivened TM beverages & popsicles anywhere! 

"Come discover  one of the oldest, safest, and most tasty probiotics on Earth."  

Tasting Bar Open

Wed - Sat  11am to 5pm