Probiotic Product Development Company
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We are on a healthy mission to assist health conscious individuals and family's enjoy delicious ways to consume their daily servings of probiotics & Kefir fermented 100% Organic ingredients via our  beverages. popsicles, and shelf stable products to come.


Our Culture Speaks Volumes

You and your family deserve the best botanicaly rich Kefir probiotics we can provide.  Yes! Our culture is Strong!

Years of training and nutruring have grown into our ability to share our probiotics with other communities around California this winter and beyond. 

Enlivened  Naturally Probiotic beverages

At The Kefiry, we provide the best tasting & most Enlivened beverages anywhere! Our live-cultured non-dairy botanical kefir beverges have been delivering probiotics...for 6 years!

"Come discover the oldest and safest probiotic on Earth."  

Tasting Bar Open  

Wednesday -Saturday

11am to 5pm