A living Elixir like no other -designed for you. 

The  Enlivened production staff are serious purists when it comes to delivering on quality and culture.  The Founders  made a decision early to not launch a fauxbiotic soda for you and your family, instead we went on a mission to answer the question, can a locally produced live-cultured probiotic beverage maintain integrity at commercial scale?  Of Course, we now know the answer is  YES.

Enlivened =conditioned for life, our beverages are crafted to containing enough residual sugars, prebiotics, and ingredients 

to nourish & preserve the precious probiotic cargo until they are opened and enjoyed. Our Enlivened "lifecycle" bottle conditioning insures culture viability,  stability, flavor evolution, and overall longevity of quality ...on its way to you. 

Our patent-pending process combines innovative brewing equipment, tried and true process developed of  a decade, and international partnerships have launched a new wellness brewing tradition -rediscovered, modernized, and now conveniently delivered.

​The Way Nature Intended

Need Enlivened beverages during the week?

Not a problem … we got you covered!

You can pick up your favorite Enlivened beverages at the FOOD MECHANIC 4 doors down from us! They will be carrying our Enlivened beverages for your on-the-go needs. Plus their food is amazing! or head across the street to HANDLINE for a cold Enlivened On-Tap SupraCulture beverage.

We want to thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm as we make this move to serve our community better, supporting our family and growing our business in a sustainable and impactful way.

With love & much appreciation!

Tom, Deana, Lillea, Enlivened, & Kefiry Staff 

We are Expanding!  

Greetings Valued Customers and friends.

Big changes are coming to The Kefiry and we are thrilled to announce that we are making our-dreams-come-true & launch of the very first CSK (Community Supported Kefir)!  What that means is greater & more convenient access to all of our Enlivened beverages, treats, and products!

The Kefiry Club is now transforming into a Fermenters Club-CSK membership offering expanded benefits! Members enjoy 10% off all their purchases, continued access to larger sizes, an extra 5% off all sales and will receive 1st access to all seasonal and secret menu items!   

Starting, Saturday Dec 8th, Tom and Kaeden are hosting Fermenters Club-CSK Pint-Nights! Come in from 5-8pm for pints, probiotic gut shots and samplings from our deep R&D “Secret-menu” items. 

In 2019 Fermenters Club-CSK members will enjoy special members only activities/nights, fun kids’ club activities and even a class or two!  

Friday & Saturday is our CSK Pick-up Day at The Kefiry! Launcing very soon, you will order online from our weekly menu at www.thekefiry.com or text your order to 707-634-4906.  In 2019, we will expand our pickup locations and offer limited next-day delivery or pick-up.

Winter Hours! Now till the New Year come by for our Massive Wellness Holiday Sale and while you are in sign-up and claim your membership for-FREE until Jan 1, 2019.



Sonoma Enlivened Inc.    

Call The Hotline 707-634-4906


CSK Hotline: 1.707.634.4906    

Probiotic Tasting Bar

Winter Hours *starting Dec 7th

Friday 11am to 5pm

Saturday 12pm  to 5pm

Fermenters Club

Saturday 5 to 8ish