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We are on a mission 

to assist health conscious individuals and family's in enjoying live culture botanical probiotics and create Kefir fermented 100% organic probiotic  beverages, popsicles, and new "Protanical TM" products in 2017. 


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You and your family deserve the best  probiotics Kefir can provide! We are making  this happen everyday at the Kefiry Club..

Come taste and feel the difference! 

At the Kefiry Club or local healthy stores, we are supplying our ​Enlivened TM Ready to Drink 12oz. probiotic beverages & SupraCultureTM 5-15 gallon keg on tap probiotic beverages.

Yes! Our culture is strong & growing..


No1. Lemon Gingerale ~ Culured Ginger Elixir.  Cultured Ginger are Kefir fermented with whole lemon extract and a hint of molasses and apricot. A timeless classic upgraded…a probiotic Gingerale!
No2. Triple Rootbeer~ 3 traditions Rootbeer.   Fusion of the 3 Rootbeer traditions of the Earth! -"the realist Rootbeer you will ever have" .
No3. Turmeric~ Cultured Turmeric Elixir. Cultured Turmeric & Ginger rhyzomes are kefir fermented with botanicals and spices to synergize and delight. The ultimate delivery vehicle to unleash Turmeric's magic.
No4. Tulsi Rose~ Ancient Joy Elixir.  All three Holy Basil varietals with Vana Tulsi Grown locally Kefir fermented with rose and spices for maximum flavor and effects. Holy basil its good!

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We make the best live cultured beverage anywhere!   

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