Our tasting bar and retail shop is open 
TUESDAY 11am through

SATURDAY 11am-5pm.

Weekly Kefiristas schedule:

Tuesday              Jennifer & Tom

Wednesday         Tom & Pam

Thursday             Deana & Jennifer & Tom

Friday                 Tom & Jennifer

Saturday             Tom & Pam

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What is beyond dead-soda's?

Live-Cultured Probiotic Non-Dairy Botanical Kefir's!  OMG They Are Actually Alive!

We say our beverages are Enlivened because they contain a multitude of live-culture non-dairy kefir probiotics in a bioavailable & tasty matrix of fermented nutrients and aromatic botanical's.

100% organically grown ingredients, live-culture fermented, alcohol-free, dairy-free, guilt-free, and naturally low in sugar.

At the Kefiry you're bound to find something that will keep you coming back again and again. 

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​​​EXPERIENCE NON-DAIRY KEFIR... TASTE & SAMPLE Alcohol-free Kefirbiotic drinks & Kefirpopsices -always handcrafted, fake-free and guilt-free.

the Kefiry tasting bar Hours 11am to 5pm Tuesday-Saturday

Got Live-Cultured Probiotics?   

The Kefiry experience 2016

Taste, Learn, and Experience probiotics from the areas experts. 

KefiryClub & Store are open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 5pm.

EXPERIENCE NON-DAIRY KEFIR... TASTE & SAMPLE drinks and kefirpopsicles always handcrafted, fake-free and guilt-free at the Sebastopol Kefiry Club tasting bar and shop.

Our Tasting Bar Experience allows the you and whole family to sample, discuss and learn with local experts in live-culture alcohol-free 

fermentation and have fun doing it.

Enjoy our beverages & kefirpopsicles in a variety of flavors like, Lemon Gingerale, Triple Rootbeer, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, Guayusa Kola, Flower Power, OMG Chocolate, Hibiscus Maya, Blue Green Manna, Ke'fire, and Seasonal Sonoma favorites.

the Kefiry/972 Gravenstein Hwy S. #120/Sebastopol/707-634-4906/www.thekefiry.com is open 11am to 5pm Tuesday-Saturday