Kefir  A Naturally Probiotic fundtional Food/ Beverage (non-dairy kefir culture)

We say our beverages are Enlivened because they are actually alive containing a multitude of live kefir cultures in a tasty matrix of nutrients and aromatic herbals  -  All our beverages are made with 100% organically grown ingredients, live-cultured brewed alcohol-free, dairy-free, glueten, and naturally low in sugar from kefir fermentation. 

At the Kefiry you're bound to find something that will keep you coming back again and again. 

**Watch this new video interview we gave to faircompanies - we wanted to show things that are rarely seen and speak our truth...

*remember this is for-the-camera and does not accurately reflect our handling procedures 

and brewing techniques.


Open - Tuesday To Saturday   11am to 5pm

Closed  - Sunday & Monday

Offering timeless favorites like: Lemon Ginger Ale & Awesome Triple Rootbeer, Asian inspired Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, Latin inspired Hibiscus Maya, Sebastopol classic Flower Power, Ayurvedic inspired Tulsi-Rose, our rich & decadent O.M.G. Raw Chocolate. Turmeric Spice, and Guayusa Kola. 


The Place To Get Cultured...In the Bay Area


The Kefiry founded in 2008, The Kefiry, creates EnlivenedTM beverages, hand-crafted artisan non-dairy kefir fermented beverages with nostalgic flavors we know and love ...or are about to love. Come on in to our complimentary tasting bar and give our local produced organic live-cultured alcohol-free naturally probiotic beverages a try.